About Myself

My name is Emmanuel Tapia but I prefer to be called Manny. This semester, I've committed myself to an 18 credit course load which include precalculus, accounting, political science, literature, economics and ITE of course. My major is Business Administration and my main goal for now is to get good grades to transfer to a four year institution to pursue a degree in the social science of economics. I'm steering towards going to graduate school, but I'm not exactly sure for what. I'm the type of person that loves to learn and believe it or not, I enjoy school so graduate school for another 4 years would sit well with me. When I use the Internet I mainly enjoy getting useful information through videos to help me succeed in any subject. I also engage in social networking sites to keep in touch with friends and family. When I am not doing Homework or on the computer, I work at Martin's grocery store as a part time cashier. When I am not working, doing homework, or on the computer I tend to read a lot of books and play my guitar when I get the chance.